Georgian design studio “ROOMS” continues to present elegant and stylish product to public. This yeat is loaded with work for designers, they finished working on a new collection “Wild Minimalism”. It was exhibited on Salone Del Mobile, Milan and along with other publications they were mentioned in New York Times’ article as one of the most exciting new designers at Salone.

“Wild Minimalism” is in dark colors and consists of 7 hand crafted, individual pieces, none of them are like other items with same purpose: Stone drawer console, round staircase table, 2 modular coffee tables, 2 lovers armchairs and a Taurus chair.

The idea to create this collection comes from the desire to go “back to the roots”. The phrase can be interpreted in different ways: on one hand it’s going back to the beginning of identity; nowadays, when world is full of lies you don’t want to lose touch with reality, stay grounded, be one with the nature. Natural building materials, such as stone, wood, glass and brass, were used while creating this collection to fulfill this desire.

On the other hand this phrase can be interpreted as going back to ancient wood curving techniques of our ancestors. While working on the collection everything was done as it used to be centuries ago. Wooden elements, as mentioned before, are hand crafted and it’s done in a very simplistic and primitive way. The theme of primitivity continues through the used shapes; designers try to make their creations less influenced by civilization. To avoid being mere copies of the ancient products, little modern details are added to them.

Each piece of the collection is a fusion of different materials and shapes and because of being handmade, each product wil be one of a kind. If you look closely, you can see Georgian traditional character too.

“Wild Minimalism” is a remarkable collection and with simplicity of shapes and colors and originality of the works immediately attracts attention. Despite strict colors, it stirs warm feelings and positive emotions in visitors.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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