IDAAF was lucky to become the sudden witness of communication between the client and one of the heads of creative team, therefore many answers have been received without any inquiries. It could be felt how the members of the team felt about people and art works in every action they’ve done. “Take care of our girl, we’ll drop in…” – the words addressed to the handmade sink have shown how much love had been given to each and every art work created by them.

“The clay has a direct contact with a person, unlike all the other materials. Your soul passes into it! We are always interested, where “our child” is going to move.  At the same time the fire is an independent element with uncontrolled nature. You never know for sure, what the result will look like while working with it. You can’t even imagine, what a complicated technological process is there hidden together with the creative one. It is very important to find the right place and owner for the art work, to achieve compatibility of its energy with an interior.” – says Nato Eristavi, one of the leaders of the workshop.



Ceramics is one of the oldest handicraft and art form for many of cultures. Nevertheless, WHITE STUDIO creates the items, which are very non-traditional and presented in a quite contemporary way. The commercial and artistic factors are equally taken into consideration. The Georgian and Vintage elements are born in this workshop, in one space

with one and the same success.

WHITE STUDIO has a very interesting concept, which unites the artistic workshop, the showroom of the ceramics created in the latter and the shop of materials needed for handicraft. The altitude to the material is really special here – even the name of the workshop is related with one sort of it. This is the Georgian white clay, as Nato Eristavi says – it has been discovered by the members of the group and the name of the workshop came up accordingly.

One of their main aim is the strengthening of the position for the right aesthetics – „We want the public to get accustomed, to make promotion of the real Georgia handicraft product. We desire to get back the trust of regular people to the Georgian quality.”

In August the international symposium is going to take place in WHITE STUDIO, with participation of Latvian artists. The big exhibition will be the final part of the event. One more pleasant news is, that in September 2015 with the support of hotel “Marco Polo”, WHITE STUDIO WORKSHOP and “CLAY OFFICE” association of ceramics will hold the ceramics festival in Gudauri. The “Night of fire”, open air calcination will take place during the beginning of autumn in the mountains of Georgia. The most interesting part is that anyone interested can participate or just attend and be the witness of this process.

The artworks by WHITE STUDIO are very individual with they form and especially with their graphic images. One of the most interesting samples is the House Series, where the geometry is minimalistic and the patterns – main entrance doors of the old buildings – are radically traditional and unexpected. The art created here is outstanding and it is a good competitor for the imported products.




Creative Team: Merab Gugunashvili, Elene Chlaidze, Nana Mangoshvili, Robert Tighinashvili, Nukri Gladky, Medea Qoqiashvili

Heads of Creative Team: Nato Eristavi, Nino Kambarashvili


More about WHITE STUDIO can be found here




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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