Architecture | Credits: MUA

Nika Gurabanidze, Nika Maisuradze, Eka Kankava, Salome Ghudushauri, Nikolz Ksovreli, Eka Rekhviashvili, Tata Koiava, Devi Kituashvili, Gogiko Sakvarelidze

Location: Tamar Chovelidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
Building Area: 550 m2
Year: 2015


The project presented in this article is a conceptual solution of the future development of the very specific area in Tbilisi, small plot with a huge value. It is rather an abstract idea of how to treat the city than an exact architectural object. The working title of the project is “Rooms Apartment Hotel”, as it is located across the small one way street, near by a famous Rooms and supposes to be managed, operated and served from it. The project is shortly described by MUA, as follows:

-The challenge was to design a building, which would be modern, isolated from a busy street, ambient and relaxing for the visitors and would get the city’s approval in a heritage zone adjacent to the building titled the heritage monument. 

After numerous tests in search of the concept, we came up with the idea of placing an empty canvas that would allow by-passers to “paint” their imaginative building, which in our understanding was the way to please everyone’s taste.

Façade is made of a stretched translucent material, which will allow the building to come to life at dusk and transform it back to its Canvas state at dawn. 

To create a feeling of being isolated from busy city surroundings the building has an open gardens at its cantilevered side towards the street as well as an isolated backyard, so that every apartment has its own terrace into a green space.

The height of surrounding buildings is carefully considered and for provision of one more level arrangement possibility the building ground level is a bit lower than the street level. To avoid the entrance part from becoming a basement type area the open space is left between the street and the glass front. So, the White Canvas seems a bit floating in the air, but not too much raised out from the street line panorama.

It must be also considered, that the mentioned small street is full of life and action, and even more – the neighbor brick building, the piece of cultural heritage is functioning in many different ways. So, the new building has to offer the city something interesting and fascinating from the visual point of view and not less functional at the same time. The contrast between “White canvas” and neighbouring architectural pieces makes each of them even more outstanding.



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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