Team: David Brodsky, Tinatin Gurgenidze, Otar Nemsadze, Tobias Schmitt, Gigi Shukakidze

Location: Zaliska Lake, Ivano Frankivsk. Ukraine

Year: 2019

From the authors:

“In post Soviet Georgia of the 1990ies in the once a claim of city-dwellers seeking to secure their car from theft in a time of high crime, the self-made garages represented the ideal of a modernist automobile-centered city, its planning failures of providing parking at a comfortable distance from people’s homes, as well as the emergence of a culture of privatization in the communist aftermath. Although the increasing informal production of urban space has resulted in chaotic urban development and rejection of planning principles, it can’t be denied that the garages addressed contemporary societal problems.

A reduced threat of crime, coupled with new possibilities to rent out the garages, have moved people’s cars outside the garages again. As an inflation crisis and rural migration have increased urban impoverishment, the garages have provided infrastructure and space for the existential needs of the marginalized: in serving as commercial areas for selling vegetables, for workshops, for pharmacies and even beauty salons. Meanwhile many garages have been left abandoned without usage occupying a space for no use.

In a garage a human becomes a human again and returns to an original, primitive state of being.

A garage is a temporary setting, which has shaped a temporary human – as an audience for its own self. Earned, occupied structure, which has ended up as an owned unused void. Such void is an inherited setting and there is a great desire to fight and fill this emptiness. The void will be filled by one of the four elements.

Huge amounts of water will sink the garage. The garage is filled with many colorful fun things. Huge amounts of water are accompanied by the cheering voices of children, this is something that has not been heard before, in this place.

The garage is a solid steel structure and is enclosed by a metal lock.



„ About 50 owners in Gldani, Tbilisi, have let theirs garages to be demolished in order to free up some space for public recreation.  Nearby the 17th and 24th residential blocks located in the fifth micro-district of Gldani, 50 garages are being dismantled by their owners. According to Gldani municipality, after the dismantling works are finished, the existing space will be expanded and the public space will be arranged together with the residents. According to them, the recreational space will be located on the 9,000 sq. m area.”


Project was relized   during the festival: City Scanning Session 2019 organized by MetaLab.




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