Location: Italy, Milan

Year: 2015

No more not less, the interior presented on the photos is created by the famous “The Grand Budapest Hotel” movie  director Wes Anderson. The more interesting fact is that the café is a part of Fondazione Prada art center designed by OMA. The space dedicated to the art is spread along 19000m2 and combines modern and existing buildings, including a factory block from 1900s.

Let’s get back to the interior… The spot established for art, becomes an object of art itself, which stimulates minds for generating of creative ideas. The style is inspired by traditional Italian cafes of 1950-60s and includes many details specific for that period. The main structural elements and materials used for them, below imaginary horizontal line drawn on the height of average human eye view, are simply constructed. The upper part of the wall and the ceiling are profusely decorated with delicate details. The furniture located in the lower part of the space brings the life to it. Different shades of green and soft pastel violet combination gives a classical image.

The interior of the café is as interesting as “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The more so that the inner atmosphere is radically different from the surrounding architecture.



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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