Designed by: Guntis Zingis

Graphics by: Svetlana Shagun

Photo and video by: Ugis Naglins and Martins Grauds and his team

Country: Latvia

Available sizes: S M L

Personal characteristics: innovative, healthy, smart, patented


Chair is one of the most useful inventions a human has ever made, it has changed its form and look during the centuries for a millions of times, each time improving itself. The modern world makes us sit during the biggest part of our lives, though it is moving forward quickly and everything around us is crazy and weird. Long time sitting causes lots of problems with health, so the project team of Wchair decided to offer us an innovative product which could probably change the habit of sitting and our understanding of it forever.

The geometry of Wchair is visually attractive and elegant, at the same time three point support system gives opportunity of keeping the back straight. The soft shape of the chair unites saddle type seat and two knee supports, which reduces pressure on the backbone.

“The idea came into my mind during the long hours of sitting at a meditation retreat. I kept adjusting the cushions to reduce pain in the back and knees. I thought, why not to try and use the same principle for healthy sitting and mental activity in the office or at home?

After a year of research, design and testing together with best ergonomy experts, we have come up with a conclusion that ergonomic sitting in combination with standing desk is the best for reducing sitting hours.”



There was the detail like a handle for regulation of the height on the sketch, but it can’t be found on the prototype any more. It has been gone with the evolution of Wchair. idaaf has received the following explanation from the author of project:

“Our idea was to make this kind of chair as minimalistic as possible. Of course we were thinking about heights regulation etc, but all these devices could make our design heavier and not so clear. This is why we chose to make it simple, personal and it will be produced in three sizes to fit all different body dimensions”

The product is presented in three different colors, nevertheless the steel frame and plastic part remains unchanged in all options. This constant detail together with the individual volume of the object makes it possible to keep the identity of the design non-changed.

Wchair is going to be a serial manufactured product soon and success is inevitable. So, in case you became as curious about it as idaaf did, for more information you can check the webpage and watch the video




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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