Shekvetili village has taken fast pace of development in the last few years and welcomed thousands of tourists. In addition to sandy beaches and eucalyptus forests, there is 10,000-seat concert hall, a five-star hotel, also an amusement park is scheduled to open; they will be joined by architectural miniatures park in August 2016, which include 1:25 scale miniature architectural monuments from different parts of Georgia.

Georgian architectural company “Laboratory of Architecture #3” has worked on the design of park and visitors center. The company founded in 2006 specializes in architecture and design. While working on the project, company is not afraid to try something new, seek innovative construction techniques and use experimental materials. Their style is distinguished by its freedom, minimalism.

It should be noted that visitors center is a reconstruction of the former sewer cleaning facility; 30-meter diameter concrete “drum” was abandoned for a long time and at last found decent purpose.

Project area is 260 square meters. Used materials are local dyed bamboo, aluminum window frames from shuco and façade modules from

On entering the park, visitors are met with 60 meters long bamboo fence painted in black, on one side and a ribbed fiber concrete pavilion on the other. Bamboo is typical for this region’s architecture, it’s cheap and easy to obtain. Dying bamboo in black was kind of experiment from the architectural company, but according to the authors, this experiment succeeded. Using bold, radical colors in project continues with yellow amphitheater and blue staircase leading to the roof terrace. Daylight plays an important role in creating a dynamic and colorful composition.

Miniatures Park will soon begin receiving its first visitors and will become another attraction for tourists’ entertainment.

IDAAF asked project authors “Laboratory of Architecture #3” several questions:

What is the basic principle by which you act while working on a project?

Living process, freedom, context analysis, synthetic concept, human scale, less construction, minimal and sustainable architecture, seeking innovative building techniques, experimental materials, searching for possibilities of human involvement…  and many other principles, which form as goals through general life observation and moves from project to project as objectives to be achieved.

What’s your working process like while construction and how much are you involved in it?

Too many items and solutions involved in the project are actually experiments and creative risks, hence from start till the end working process is very tense and each member of the team is wholly involved in the project. Particularly pleasing is the fact that we are spoiled with the trust that our customers have for us, so our responsibility is doubled.

What can you say about modern Georgian architecture?

When speaking about modern Georgian architecture you can’t avoid the sad reality we are in; over the last two decades we have managed to disfigure our cities with chaotic development. However, it should be noted that there are many talented colleagues, because of whom we have to work in a serious competitive environment. We are pleased that more and more often, while walking in the city or looking through the pages of different publications, we are met with outstanding buildings or interiors, which in this regard are good reasons for optimism.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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