Everything started out simply, Nanuka, editor in IDAAF introduced me to Tamar Sulakvelidze’s design works, and both of us agreed that it looked interesting and conceptual. The collection itself is decided in white, which makes it even more attractive. As it is known white is the color of elegance.

We met on quiet autumn evening, in one of Café’s in Tbilisi. Our connection was fast and immediately we started talking about fashion. As for me I tried to let her speak out, about her newly made clothes and what was the concept, how the inspiration came to her. I hope that from my side she will be introduced to the reader.

“I’m TamoSulakvelidze, 25 years old. This collection is my second work, first was my diploma craft for the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. It was not emphasized, mostly because there was no tendency for the painted clothing in that period.”

Her way to become a designer started when she finished Nikoladze Art College and connected her 4 years of life to the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Collection was created in summer of 2014, which was connected to her diploma for master’s degree. As Tamar says she has not come up with the name for it yet, but I assure you that fabrics speak for themselves and immediately they’ll ask to try them on.

What was the concept for this collection?

–         The theme was Georgian lullaby. I tried to walk around it somehow, but then I realized this is not what I actually need, so after that color white was chosen. As for me it shows the relationship between child and the mother. A major element of it was attached to this subject.

Did the silhouettes and inspiration come to you while working on the project or you had a little drawing which led to this outcome?

–         From the very start I knew what it would look like. The fabric itself is flexible and it has special wires attached, so that the client can transform it the way she wants. It might be short, long or crumpled. To be exact it’s convertible.

Don’t you think it will be hard to look at how other people use your clothing in a different way? For example what if I’m going to style it in my very own type, will you think that “Ugh, it is unlike the sketch I did.”?

–         No, not really, because the accent was put on clients and their interests. I just want to say that there was a reason behind the wires being so elastic, it was supposed to be so free.

Was this product more of a commercial thing or you had some personal abstract feelings about it?

–         I actually thought it was more private, but then suddenly it became more commercial. There are some little offers and after getting a grade I’ll be able to use it fully. There are some other plans considering taking part in benext.

After having a brief review about Tamar’s new collection we tried to have short question/answer dialogue. Just so that people could understand her inner world more.

Which movie do you think is more like your collection?

–         There is no connection between this two, but Pina. This is the first one that came up to my mind.

When you were on the way to interview what was in your headphones?

–         Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

Is there any specific advice you want give to the designers starting right now? Maybe they should put more effort or to develop their skills on the way?

–         Be sure in your decision. You just can’t be spontaneous about it and think “Oh, well I’ll learn everything while being in university.” It is not like that, something should push you to it, like craving for crafting beautiful clothing.

Tell me if you have a dream at this moment?

–         Yes, it would be fantastic if I’ll get the chance to be working with a famous fashion design house, like Maison Martin Margiela. Even though my favorite designer is Yohji Yamamoto. Well both of them would have been a perfect option.

Do you put your personality into your work?

–         Yeah, for me it’s very important, but you always have to flow with tendencies, because it is very hard to be part of fashion world without it.

Is there a Georgian designer you like the most?

–         George Keburia’s new collection was marvelous, very individual, trendy and abstract. (Of course we agreed about it and suddenly I felt so proud that he is my friend).

Can you give an advice to the readers?

–         Be more creative; let your fantasies flow around your mind. Try to be extraordinary.

From my side I wish Tamar the very best and hopefully she will achieve all that she dreams of. I would love to see her store in the streets of Tbilisi, because modernism is never enough in our world.




Author: Anano Maisuradze

Photo: Katalina Baradze





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