Artworks: TornikeAbuladze

Photo by: Kathi Kastl

Music by: Giorgi Janiashvili


Painting – which is not just an interesting color spectrum or a simple superficial fine art. It expresses a deep meaning, theme and mood. This is what makes it so attractive from a first random glance. The fully comprehended answers by author makes his works extremely interesting.

There are two themes, which have interested me in your works most of all: the kitchen and the factories. They are radically different, however you’ve been working on them more or less in the same period. Why have you been interested in these two themes and are they related with each other somehow?

“I was interested in the construction before factories. Since 2008, if you remember, construction was ongoing in almost every spot. I was lucky enough to have a workshop at 27 Khosharaulistreet and one of the construction companies started building a huge complex in this place. There was an unfinished printing house from the communist-era. This situation influenced my drawings a lot as well as changing some of my views. This was the time after having painted still life at the Academy of Fine, the first time I realized that there were other ways to express your whole emotions and enjoy the process of drawing … however, I could manage to do it only in small doses at the academy

Kitchen and factories have no connection with each other, except for the fact that I worked on both almost at the same time. ”

There is a nice mess in the refrigerator and the kitchen. I’ve read on your web page, that it is a typical kitchen, but all typical things are a combination of some exact units. Are they imaginary, or do they have any relation with the kitchen and the refrigerator you love?

“I draw the kitchen of my flat or village house with pleasure as it often comes to my mind. I go to the mountain villages or resorts annually, and paint there actively. I love to walk, travel, tents etc … ”

Zestafoni Factory is painted in the absolutely different expressive manners in the number of your art works, why did it happen so?

I started painting Zestaphonifactory after finishing construction as I could no longer work on this topic. I  went to Zestaphoni, rented a house there. After much controversy, I was allowed the factory entrance passand with practically identical forms of expression I began painting small canvases. I worked during a month collected quite a lot of drawings, which I enlarged in Tbilisi and I was no longer dependent on anything. I was painting with much freedom and emotion, because theinspiration which I received there helped me bring these paintings to perfection.

Video :

I went to Rustavi factory after Zestaphoni. Fortunately, it was very easy to enter this place, as they love my pictures and wereglad that I decided to work there, also I was allowed with my car. I began recording sounds for the music my friend George Janashvili, who wrote for the video I shot at Zestaphoni Ferro alloys plant:

Me and my girlfriend Kati also worked one month here. She is German and studied art. During my stay there, she collected very nice pictures as well as other materials.Here I felt that I dedicated more time to the texture and technical sides and the emotion which I loved so much during the drawing process turned into good or bad results of these new experiments”.

And of course, I am interested in the ongoing works and your future plans. Also whether you live in Georgia now or not, in the context of future plans.

“Nowadays I live in Munich and the next project that I have already started is BMW factory. I use all my experience here and as well as that I have plans, which I do not want to talk about yet.

In Munich, I found that it is very difficult to find your place, because of huge competition. I have been living here for some time, and I’m trying to establish contacts, which is not so easy, but I think this process just takes time. Also, I am glad to keep in touch with contacts in Georgia.

I would like to thank all the people who showed good will, and therefore I was allowed to enter the factories. ”



In addition to the loaded creative work, Tornike participates in different exhibitions, symposiums and residencies. He has already planned the next year.

The coziness of the kitchen, the industrial environment of the steel factory, the warmth of the rural snow covered house, the sport spirit… All of them are micro worlds, which were made touchable by the author with the help of energetics that he has put into the art works. The technical part of the performed paintings is enriched by emotional one. I still have a lot to say, this is why please just have a look at his paintings and listen to them carefully.



You can find more about Tornike Abuladze’s Art here:



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze




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