Author of project: Bacho Dzagnidze

Location: Tbilisi, Tabidze str.

Area: 12m2

Year: 2015


Even a very small area can be transformed into a functional and visually attractive space, as it was mentioned in one of our article about a small burger bar, not so long ago. The apartment presented in this time is such type; it is well organised for two persons and can even fit a guest. We have asked several questions about the design of apartment and the building in which it is located, to the owner and author of the project:

– The building of the house and the entrance of it is very interesting, it is also very interesting what was in this area before the apartment?

The house is really interesting. According to my information it was built in 1905, later in 1911 renovated by Selianov brothers – the owners of the tobacco factory. This date is also shown in the entrance of the building. The general part of the building was used by the brothers as dwelling house, when the basement floor was rented by them, typically for this district and the time. The mural in the entrance and staircase is by Beno Telingater, who also decorated the theatre in Baku and many other house entrances in Tbilisi, including the entrance of Aghmashenebeli 93.

The area in which the new project is presented was functioning as a kitchen and bathroom for another big apartment on the same floor. This is typical for the architecture of this part of the city – toilet and kitchen apart from the main living space, in the end of the corridor. During the renovation of the bigger apartment the bathroom and kitchen was moved inside its space, so the mentioned area was left with no function. I did not want it to become just a closet and this is how the idea of the small, but cozy apartment came to my mind.

 – How were the used materials, textures and decoration chosen?

The brick wall is old. It was plastered. We’ve removed this layer, restored the surface some places and left it as it was. The decorative finishing of the wall in the bathroom is old as well. I’ve discovered it accidentally during demolition of unnecessary walls. It seems there was a bathroom from the very beginning here. The pattern used in the vicinity of main entrance door can be often found in the murals on the church walls, so the inspiration comes from there.

The decoration is from my private collection. Some items are new and some are from the flea market near the Dry Bridge in Tbilisi. I like to collect such things.

What was the priority while functional dividing and allocation of the spaces?

Though the area was small, the apartment had to be maximally functional, comfortable and cozy. The height of the ceiling is four meters, that’s how two beds were allocated on the mezzanine and the space for the kitchen and sofa was left on the lower level. The interior design process included some planned steps and some of improvisation too. There are preserved many old elements. Think, that the used materials – brick, wood, metal let the design organically integrate into the body of the house.





Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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