On July 1st architect Giorgi Margishvili’s three-legged chairs were exhibited in Artarea’s exhibition space. Half-jokingly “the fourth leg is unnecessary” exhibition went for three days and were presented authors works (three-legged chairs) for last three years.

“I’ve been thinking about chair designs for a long time. Foreign experience suggests that almost every architect has created furniture after their design. Unfortunately this is not a common practice in Georgia and I know only several colleagues who have been interested in this.

Inspiration for my three-legged chairs comes from traditional Georgian ones. Because of its mobility, I can’t always think about it as the part of the space, but sometimes it adds to or decreases its charm.” – Giorgi Margishvili.


“Challenge to stability”. (2013); model; Pressed veneer.

“Military”. (2015); metal frame; veneer covered with cloth.

#52 (2015); painted or varnished veneer.

“Mischievous king’s seat”. (2015); it’s a conceptual work rather than utilitarian; veneer, elastic rubber ropes.

Bar stool. (2016); wood.


As for the shapes – here the priority is not distinguished. As the author noted, after setting the task, while understanding and processing the information, silhouette is formed and then improved to finale version. The chair “challenge to stability” was the hardest and most interesting one from the collection to work on.

“The first from collection was “challenge to stability”. After creating a model, I thought that finding the one who would make it would be easy, but in vain. Although during times of Soviet Union there was a bentwood furniture factory in Tbilisi, I could not find bent plywood maker. I want to make this chair model a final item. For this you have to make a press-shape, which isn’t easy in our reality; but with friend’s help I have an idea how to create it. Press will allow me to make variations of this chair easily.”-Explained Giorgi.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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