Serpentine galleries continue to amaze viewers and deliver new and interesting compositions. For this year’s Pavilion it expended internationally acclaimed program and commissioned 5 architects simultaneously. Within this project each architect has to design and build a 25 sq.m. Summer House. One of the criteria for the selection of the architect was that they have yet to build permanent building in England.

This year’s Serpentine Gallery favorite was famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels; His creation is a solid wall that has been unzipped to create a three-dimensional space. It will be built from box-like fiberglass frames stacked on top of each other, like it’s done while building a brick wall. This tall white structure will have a void in its center where in day-time will be a café and a public space for family activities and at night it will host Park Nights program.


As was said before, this year Serpentine main Pavilion will be accompanied by four chosen architect. They are:

Kunle Adeyemi from Nigeria; his Summer House is an inverse replica of Queen Caroline’s Temple, it is a tribute to this building;

Barkow Leibinger from Berlin, were inspired by 18th century pavilion designed by William Kent, which rotated and offered 360 degree view of the Park;

Yona Friedman from Paris; his Summer House is a modular structure and it can be assembled and disassembled in different formations;

Asif Khan from Britain; his building was positioned in a way that allowed to catch a sunlight from the Serpentine Lake.

Each architect’s work is original in its own way. As always, this year too, Serpentine Gallery can attract many viewers from all over the world and offer them unique creations.



Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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