Pedro Venzon created design of the new collection of Puica chairs based on Brazilian colonial architecture.

Brazilian architect tries to present country’s current trends in fashion through his products. While creating a new collection Venzon used architecture left over after Portuguese colonized Brazil.

It should be noted that during this era curved windows were leading architectural feature and designer used this forms while working on chairs, in particular, to crate their elongated backrests. Chairs are made of steel and brass, which as designer says, refers to 50s Brazilian furniture industry, when they were used to create decorative features.

Symmetry, minimalism and subtle forms of chairs awoke feelings of simplicity and elegance in viewers. Geometric figures are presented tenderly in the material and are ideal for any space. This airy creations are designer’s another attempt to show us his professionalism while working on chairs and to take the notion of “design” to perfection.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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