The Author of project: OA Office of Architecture (Tengiz Bichinashvili)

Area: 140 m2


“TheHunter’s Hut” is a very impressive student work. It’s been a long time since the author is not a student any more, but the project takes the honorable place in portfolio together with lots of other realized or unrealized works. Now that the summer has arrived, it is particularly pleasant and interesting to discuss the theme of hut in the forest, especially that the work is done originally and with taste. The “Hunter’s Hut” has not left the project stage, bit this does not take away from its art value.One can even say that the object that has not been built acquires and added value because the author creates not only the building but also the building lot and surrounding that go along the hut.

The two sloped volume is tightly placed on the ground, the building lot located by the water. The body of house is cut into two parts by a path that turns into the pier and leads to the hut. However, it does not destroy the unity of the shape and creates the unambiguously characterized face of the project.A ramp conceived as a folding structure, provides one more way to enter the house.

The planning is simple. All the needed zones and premises have been provided.

A stained glass wall oriented and opened to the water is an equally important detail of both the interior and exterior of the building.

The author has also though about roofing material. The processed rock slabs together with wood createthe image of volume. Both contribute to hold the comfortable micro climate inside the building.

Minimalism, simplicity, building components’ proportions and relation of the building with the imaginary environment are the undeniable advantages of project.


The project is the winner of “Architectural Award 2011” nomination for the best student project.



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

English edit: Nino Namoradze


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