Tbilisi Fashion Week is something that had been taking place in our city almost every year, this time it was no exception when 11th season opened in April.

Fall-Winter 15/16 collections were so exquisite. Can’t let myself leave this topic without mentioning how amazing AleksandreAkhalkatsishvili and LikunaChitaias collections were for Materiel fashion house. Most of the costumes were designed in minimalistic way, combined in black and white.

Anouki Areshidze introduced her new creations as well, mostly it was decided in pastel, so aerial, flare silhouettes and very different from previous collections, more refined. Designer George Keburia never disappoints me; his ultimately crazy collection was so flawless. I can say that by every new collection we witness how he grows up in his own space. Immediate affection is made by him to people who really love fashion.

Compared to other seasons this one was no exclusion of how so called fashionistas tried to look extraordinary. Every day was full of surprises and fireworks of beautiful people wandering around the city. Everyone tried their own different type of clothing, it did not matter whether it was colorful dresses or their favorite designers clothing. Coming out of this occasion the atmosphere was attractive for the street style photographers. It has to be mentioned that on this season, Tbilisi Fashion Week was displayed by one of the world’s famous fashion insiders like: Style.com; Vogue.it; Wmagazine.com and famous street style photographer Adam Katz Sinding founder at Le21ène.com who managed to capture beautiful scenes with extraordinary looking fashion personalities.

In case of street style Georgian photographers were no exception compared to those who were hosted at Tbilisi

Fashion Week. Their professionalism was proved once more, with how they tried to capture best moments throughout the week when most of the people tried to look at their best, just to get into their shots. While discussing this amazing event, I want to talk about Louisa Chalatashvili, who had been shooting almost every season of Tbilisi Fashion Week, she works very hard to get the best photo shots. I would say that Louisa is already a huge part of every season held. Her photos differently expound the real vibes of the fashion week. It really means a lot for me to introduce her works to our readers, because I’m more than sure that you will enjoy them as much as I do and will feel the atmosphere which was around us during those days.



Author: Anano Maisuradze

Photo: Louisa Chalatashvili



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