I decided to write this article back then, a few months ago, when I noticed a metal construction in May 26 Square, and later found a permit issued by Tbilisi City Hall on tas.ge. In it, they allowWendys to occupy the whole square for constructing a new food facility. Bu the way, there already functioned a restaurant previously, in the pitch black 90s, which was built illegally.

In fact, the city’s governing body’s priorities already became evident when hotel “Budapest” was allowed to be built in Vake park and it seems that I should not have been surprised by demolition of the only recreation zone in this particular place, but when the everyday life of the city offers similar novelties, it is hard to remain indifferent towards them all.

Bits of info about this square: the square named 26 May is at the intersection of Kostava and Gamsakhurdia streets. Hereby, between the first building of Tbilisi Technical University and Dolidze street, the space has been awarded the same name. The square was built in the 1950s and named after Orjonikidze. The current name was granted in 1992. The square changed its appearance several times in the 2000s which was related to the constriction of hotel “Ajara” complex.

As I already mentioned, a restaurant was illegally built in this place in the 90s and instead of purchasing this place and offering the citizens of Tbilisi a completely new, modernized square, the City Hall, sold it to Wendys, border of which does go through the stomach. Consequently, we received another object in this densely constructed area, which has no architectural value and is only oriented, located opposite its main competitor – Macdonalds.

(The area opposite Sports Palace is already a separate matter and I will discuss it separately, later on).

The answer to question where should residents of Tbilisi relax or what should they breathe is one and only: Eat!

26 May Square is already stuffed with chaotically placed, ugly food facilities and all of this is finally crowned by Wendys’ red monster. The investor’s approach, to largely ignore the value and appearance of the city and just think about wealth, is well manifested in this particular case. In this case, this resulted in the disappearance of a square, which was so crucial for this place. On the contrary, what we got is another opportunity to eat out, which the city needs the least.

Share this with everyone, so that this is taking place in our city. This takes place just in front of us and each time more and more squares disappear. It is disappointing that this is not the only company, which acts this way, there are numerous similar investors and what is worse, nobody is planning to alter this trend.

What I know for sure is that I will never enter Wendys from now on, never! The company, which does not respect the city, will not be favored by its inhabitants !


Author / Photo: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English edit: Nutsa Namoradze






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