The talk with Tamar Maglaperidze has been started from the present day and moved slowly back onto the time scale. The latest work, which is still in process is very emotional and expressive. It illustrates the artist’s mood, though she is not displayed on the canvas herself. The previous period art works are much calmer, thematic and tones are softer and the figures are more static, and what is very interesting all of them are shown on the gold background.

If we look a little further back and overview the “Melanin” series, it is saturated with the lively mimics and typical fresh glance shown on the individual skin color. As the author has mentioned, she has discovered many interesting details during the working process and even had expressed them slightly exaggerated for moving this peculiarities to the front. There were the “Ships” before the “Melanin”. They are attractive with their mysterious look – “as if they’ve been sunk, but still stay dynamic, not depressive and alive” this is how the author describes them.

The scale of the canvas has changed together with the priorities in interests of the artist. There is a big contrast between “Ships” series, where the size was about 40X50, and the works of the present day showing human figures on the canvas with sizes almost 2 miters width and length. So, together with content the area of surface and visual style of techniques changes. Sometimes she pains herself too, but her face is always partially hidden either with ski goggles, of in some other forms.




Today her characters are modern people, but a bit abstract ones. This sense of abstract is created by the environment in which the figures are shown, their state, posture, or maybe even some small detail like a kite shown on the background. “I rarely choose titles for artworks. They restrict, make some kind of frames for observer and the artwork” – this is why mostly the paintings are untitled.



The abandoned block of the old film studio, where her workshop is located, seemed unusual at the beginning for the artist. The long corridor full of inventory looked a bit spooky, though now the calm aura of this place helps her with her work and inspires to create. One of the future plans of Tamar Maglaperidze is related with this building and its “inhabitants” as well. The artists are planning to perform a group project inside one interesting part of the building and invite the guests to their space. Some more future plans are tied to the exact date 9th of March 2016. This is the opening date of Tamar Maglaperidze’s personal exhibition in Tbilisi at the Public Library.

Until than to view some more works and video arts by Tamar Maglaperidze please visit her page.



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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