Tamar Tsakhnakia aka Tam Oonz is one of those arts, who has already shown with her works that she is one of the best in her field and is no worse than other well-known artists . She has been painting since childhood and now, her works clearly illustrate how individual she is, what a subtle drawing style and powerful features she has to depict the characters tom her world. By the way, mentioning the characters, these guys straight from the colourful world are very well adjusted to our environment, they watch us attractively from the walls and warching them, all I wish for is to see them practically everywhere.Tamar was born in 1987, the first of January, New Year’s Eve. She graduated from the Tbilisi  Academy of Art and now continues to work on her own, with her definite style, illustrations, graffiti or video game designs .

Graffiti is one of the most challenging fields of art, it needs other specification, vision and technologies . Artworks which the walls, which causes a great deal of work and professionalism of our fascination with the result that this area artists deserve our appreciation are result of hard work and professionalism, These artists deserve our appreciation in two ways: not to distort their works in urban areas, and not to touch any wall at all unless you know how to fulfil your missions. Take for example the wall of Vake Park which non-professional students of the Art Academy just scribbled. They should be thankful that graffiti is not considered as an offence here, unlike in other countries , otherwise they would definitely get imprisoned for their deeds.

Tam Oonz first became interested in graffiti at the age of 14 , when he saw a postcard sent from Holland, where the pictures were displayed on the walls . She was immediately attracted to this area, as then as well as now she fancies making big-scale works, material and process. This is when you meet strangers and do something completely new in front of them. Tamuna has her own graffiti font which she uses while making specific graffitis.

“I can not say anything about other artist girls, but my life is definitely interesting. Artist is genderless. I do what I like, surely I am an ordinary girl, however I am still different from other, this is how it goes”, she said.

When she has necessary material and the weather is fine, she puts her preliminarily prepared sketches on the wall. She is insured from people, as her emotional art needs turbulent humans.

Her achievements include exhibitions in Belgium and London, where her work became the best one among other nominates. In 2014, a children’s fairy tale was published with her  illustrations. Currently she is working on video games, which she does enjoy. In the future she plans to travel a lot and has plenty of interesting projects, which we are sure to see pretty soon.

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Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

Photo: Jara

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze





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