Photo courtesy of sagmeister & walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh’s pop art for Aizone

Sagmeister & Walsh created an original and colorful campaign for Aizone’s fall/winter 2015 collection. It’s decorated with cartoon like illustrations and is accompanied by a video where collection items are animated. “Sagmeister & Walsh” is New-York based company by Stephen Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh offers its clients advertisements, webpages, movies, books and other different items. […]

White Studio

Pop Art Sink Series By White Studio

  WHITE STUDIO WORKSHOP Creative Team: Merab Gugunashvili, Nana Uertashvili, Nana Mangoshvili, Robert Tighinashvili, Nukri Gladky, Nato Qoiava Heads of Creative Team: Nato Eristavi, Nino Kambarashvili   White Studio has created a very interesting Pop-art style sink series for Birdy Pub. IDAAF has asked several question to Nato Eristavi regarding it:   – Were these sinks created […]

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