Photo Courtesy of Andro Eradze

‘FIREWORKS’ by Andro Eradze

Exhibition of artist Andro Eradze opened on October 11th at Chaos Concept Store and hosted visitors for one week. Works titled  were displayed in a yellow space and represented a colorful explosion of a night sky. Photographs had a wooden frame and their “protecting” glasses were broken, that created effect, as if the noisy fireworks […]

Kaleidoscope #2 poster

Kaleidoscope #2

  Dates: 15-17 May. 2016 Participants: Giorgi Mirzikashvili | Tatia Shavgulidze | Salome Tsopurashvili | Liza NiniaSvili | Nikoloz Mchedlidze | Alex Maghlakelidze | Aleksandre Katsitadze | Tamri Bolkvadze | Ninuca Kakabadze | Lasha Gvazava | Natali Burduli | Giorgi Machavariani | Erekle Didebashvili   IDAAF became a traditional supporter of Kaleidoscope and once again […]

Elensio by Coco Capitàn

Coco Capitàn

Cocoliso, Cocolisa… I want to introduce you the FASHION world of HER. Coco started her career as a photographer in mid-ages and by that I mean that before in childhood her only dreams were to become a diplomat who would know a lot of languages, but only after becoming an Olympic champion in swimming. As […]

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