Chairs by Anuka Tavartkiladze, IAAI & Sandro Lominashvili on Design Market

  The third event of Startup Market: “Design Market” was held in Hyppodrome Park on July 17. There were presented the works of three designers:  Anuka Tavartkiladze, IAAI (Ia Kutateladze) and Sandro Lominashvili in the shopping space. It is worth to note that the works of the all three designers are conceptually refined and close […]

Photo courtesy of Ia Kutateladze

Punkt chair by IAAI

  The Punkt chair created by Ia Kutateldze is a result of the workshop by Finnish designers – Rudi Merz and Peter Schmid, which took place in two stages. When the Finish designers arrived to Georgia for the first time, the workshop concept was defined and the wooden material prepared. Each participant developed the design […]

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