Design by: Maya Baratashvili

Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Lado Asatiani str.

Technical support: Magaike Shengelia

Neon lighting: 60Watt Design | Giorgi Maghradze

Photo: Khatuna Khutsishvili

Work with Metal: Zviad Nadirashvili

Painting works: Bobo

Year: 2015


This is the first time, when we write about interior designed not by the architect or interior designer, but an Artist. Interesting experience itself.


That is a first try for the author Maya Baratashvili, as well. Artist has studied and created the art in Georgia and Germany for years and has experimented with many forms of it. In the case of interior she has been inspired by the music and specifically one particular song by Velvet Underground “Sunday morning”. As she says – “Sunday is always calm and comfortable.”

The interior is full of different styles and one can say, it unites different periods of time in itself. Each premise has its’ own spirit: bedroom and living/dining area are decorated in mixed style, including some modern and neo gothic elements; the kitchen is from 50-60th of last century and the bathroom comes from future.

All furniture and decorations in this apartment has got its part of authors touch and it’s not said literary. Most of the items have been renovated by the author herself and with the help of her friends. The chairs around the big dining table were prepared for painting with the sandpaper and later even covered with fabric. Chandelier above it was made up from the parts from several old pieces. Artworks in living room are also created by Maya.



Kitchen – full of details from soviet past looks cozy and nostalgic. As already mentioned 50-60th of 20th century are revived here in quite contemporary way. The fridge has been found occasionally and became a gift from the workers to the author. The color of this magnificent device has been chosen with a huge accuracy. Another interesting item is a patterned round table, handmade as well.

The bathroom deserves the separate attention. Simply white, it becomes alive with a help of colorful and dynamic light units designed and manufactured by Giorgi Maghradze. Their shape and tones are messy and playful.



The apartment is full of light, walls and ceiling monochrome, floor is wooden and warm, windows and balcony door frames violet. Think this mix together with all the other details can be considered as a successful first try of the artist.



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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