Founded by: Jakub Pollág and Václav Mlynář

Year: 2012-2013

Photo by: Martin Chum | Lucie Mlynarova


Studio deFORM, now based in London presents innovative products, which combine commercial aspects with creative ideas. In our particular case the founders perform their national heritage of glass art and craft in the modern way creating the different items using Czech glass. This time idaaf decided to write about “Transmission” series and enquire the authors. The first and the very common question was following – what has inspired you to create this series of product? Why does it have a name of “Transmission”?

“Product originally started as a showcase of production possibilities of company Kavalier. Piece was designed to represent them on London Olympics showcase in Czech National House. We chose name because of the visual inspiration that came from old Transmission and Telecommunication towers.”

The geometry of metal and glass parts are radically different, in case of the floor lamp, why did it happen so and how did you manage to combine this straight lines of metal structure with the curved and soft glass part?

“These parts might seem very different, but for us they are both very technical and they create certain harmony. Moreover glass might seem very light visually, but structure is holding around 40 Kg of it. Exhibition we showcased it for the first time was called Czech Industry, so we also wanted to create industry inspired piece that almost look like it’s designed by engineer on the bottom and the artist at the top.”



What was the reason for making the glass part of an object multi-layered?

“That comes back to original purpose of object. Kavalier the company who produced the piece specialize on borosilicate glass and its welding. We wanted to create piece that will challenge and represent their abilities and Transmission is still the most complicated piece they produce.”

What was your idea when you’ve designed the table with glass support?

“Common ground of this projects is technology that we worked with. Table Legs are from thick borosilicate glass and even though it seems fragile, it’s very rigid and functional. You usually find us sitting on it every time we show it somewhere because people don’t believe us.”



IDAAF is very curious about Studio deFORM’s future plans. Do you have any pending project you’d like to share a bit about them?

“Vaclav is about to finish Royal College of Art in London and Academy of Applied Arts in Prague at the same time. I graduated RCA last year, so I will try to help him if I can. We are also preparing new collection that we are about to start in New York during beginning of new year and we will hopefully show it on Salone del Mobile.” – Jakub Pollág


More projects by Studio deform can be found here.





Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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