The Soviet Union has left a lot of bad memories in history, but also created the characteristic style and direction in all fields, especially in design of which we’re still interested, studying and is becoming more and more relevant.

Soviet modernist architecture is still under study, the bus stops are popular in the post-Soviet countries, monuments, furniture and almost all the details of what has been created during this time are always subject for discussion.

We all have seen and remember Soviet propaganda posters, which now  have already been acquired historical value. However, less is known about the images, which are printed on Soviet-made textiles, for example: Handkerchief, curtains, table covers and scarves and are today no less artistic and historical value.

At first glance, they are a wonderful collection of scarves but if we look closer, it turns out that one of them has battle tanks printed on it, the other is full of tractors and the third one describes planes and reality, where people are not necessarily able to feel safe. They allegedly warned that if they go against Soviet Union, could not survive the repression.

These images are created in during 1920-30, when the Soviet Union’s textile industry just started to grow. The hangings, scarves and other works designs were made by common people, author’s names were not important, so they became part of the Soviet folklore.

In fact, this angular shapes, metal constructions, rough and smooth materials should create cold and crude images describing  20-30’s reality, but somehow, somewhere, the Soviet type had the creative power, the beauty and artistry of everyday accessories part of him. You can see it even in this Soviet Mandala fit.

Soviet history will not happen again and we can’t see similar designs , but look at your grandma’s old dresses and scarves, maybe you can find something similar like these textiles.



Author: Dodochi Gogia




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