Gola Damian, Georgian based designer, who I would describe as innovation for our fashion market. Figures that are so fresh, yet so chic at the same is the key to success for Gola’s crafts. The road of becoming known for broad fashion societies was full of bumps, but he managed everything while working hard and achieving his goals. Nowadays Gola’s clothing is known in different countries. The costumes itself are very special looking, fabrics and shapes are so striking and harmonious all at once.

“SLEEP WITH ME” is a new collection ss/15which is introduced in outlines that are “so Gola”, the textiles are so unique, linings and all the beautiful colors. Collection is rich of childish drawings, embroideries and little toys. One thing that can be said, is that Gola’s well thinking and everything that comes with it gave this stunning outcome.

– I’m very romantic person and if you mentioned all my collections have very specific sentimental titles. As for example my previous work was named “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU”.

“SLEEP WITH ME” is something I created with bits of tendencies, most of the fabrics are knitted and silk. I’m in love with night suits for women, it is very disappointing that no one wears them outdoors, because of that main costumes have detailed night gowns that actually sums up the collection this is the reason why it’s called “Sleep With Me”. What I actually want to say is ,that  behind working process there was no specific theme that was attached to the clothing. Everything came time by time. – as Gola said while interview with IDAAF.

The main colors are orange, blue, green and turquoise, which amazingly contrasts with childish embroideries. Outfits are enriched with figures of balloons and rocking-chairs.

Designers wish to make his new work simple and romantic was 100 percent productive. The conception is women night wears and “SLEEP WITH ME” is something created for different types of people with different tastes in fashion.

Speaking about the future plans, Gola promises to be as groundbreaking and original as he was always.



Author: Anano Maisuradze




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