I suppose that this guy brought forest in the interior: so many wooden items, made by him using traditional British instruments, with elegant forms and contemporary design is what makes the designer Sebastian Cox so unlike any others. Simplicity and ideal are truly felt in his works, which by the way have already added up. The winner of a lot of contests and “Starboy” of this year’s “London Design Festival” is actively working on the product design. In his diverse portfolio, you will find wooden lamps, nut cracker, incidentally, you will also be able to purchase nuts for 6 pounds, candelabras, table- chairs, wardrobes and many other consumer goods, which are wooden of course and are made using traditional methods.

Sebastian is British and works in London. He has a studio in Greenwich, at the bank of Thames where some other similarly creative people work along with him. British traditional wood processing techniques include the usage of old tools, forming the required shapes from this material. Sebastian spent a year studying the craft and he now creates his own works. They are using old-fashioned techniques, however, have a modern design and authencity, which makes them more attractive and valuable.

Do not think that this “Wood boy” cuts down trees and prepares the items this way, vice versa, he is an active protector of the nature and gets wood material from the appendix. This method is called “Coppicing”. Sebastian visits the forest 3 times per year and he exepts bushes and trees from appendix, thus allowing the main body to grow easily. At the same time, he uses the extra branches for his work.

“My vision is of a world where our woodlands are managed and people are engaged with nature. For this reason I design objects using sustainable materials, traditional and sometimes ancient techniques, with a contemporary aesthetic. I believe that a more considered approach to design will steadily make for a more sustainable material culture than the one we have today.”- Sebastian Cox.

In this video, Sebastian talks about his work shows the method:


(By the way, for a visit to the woods, according to British law, he is required to pay a certain sum of money and also there are some imposed restrictions which limit the amount of material to cut).

With this method, healthy materials and natural products in the interior create a completeideal, they are a pleasure to use, and as I have already mentioned, it seems as if the whole nature is in the room and you live in the woods.



Sebastian Cox’s main value, except his unique design, is that he is also a manual worker –he creates everything with his own hands. Consequently, his works are unique and mass production is not discharged. The main limitation for the young artist are tools, they should be old and have nothing to do with modern techniques. This fact makes it all even more exotic.

He says himself that that his ideal are sandwiches, thermos of hot tea and walk in the woods with friends to gather the material. So what else could be expected from such a man, if not simple, but impressive things.

Nature, laid out intensively the furniture and therefore in the interior – Sebastian Cox will offer us, the environment lovers even more “inspiration-provoking” works. However, before that,  have a look at his “Woody” items and enjoy:














For more information, just visit his web site and get INSPIRED:




Author:  Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze






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