Sagmeister & Walsh created an original and colorful campaign for Aizone’s fall/winter 2015 collection. It’s decorated with cartoon like illustrations and is accompanied by a video where collection items are animated.

“Sagmeister & Walsh” is New-York based company by Stephen Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh offers its clients advertisements, webpages, movies, books and other different items. Their working style is bold, emotional and even provocative. The firm has worked with many well-known companies, one of them is Aizone – Lebanese chain stores for clothing and accessories.

To represent company’s new collection Sagmeister & Walsh have chosen pop art and developed advertising series. They created a 3D environment that looks like an illustration; used props are made of paper and are in bold, cheerful colors. When looking at the series, you feel as if you’re reading a comic strip or browsing 50s advertising magazine. The colors blend into each other perfectly and make whole picture cheerful.

Installations are dominated by red, yellow, blue and green colors; background exactly fits the clothes and accessories presented by models. Surfaces of different color are mostly covered with white dots and squares. The clothes and accessories are also decorated with dots, wavy forms and little crosses. Despite the excessive number of colors and contrast, none of them is out of context and causes interesting and cheerful feelings among visitors.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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