ROOMS’s jungle interior was designed for Anouki Fashion House on Tarkhnishvili street in Tbilisi. The deign was completed a few days ago. If you look at the shop windows from the street, it seems like a dense jungle and this greenery is definitely worth seeing among the concrete buildings. Colorful clothes are exhibited in the interior of the studio, which are visible beyond the “jungles” and remind you of colorful birds.

The interior is full of different materials, which make it even more interesting. Marble shapes are replaced by brass shelves, often repeated mirrors reflect black metallic structures. Pastille colors create a color scheme, green velvet curtains picked for the changing rooms are the main importer of colour in the eastern part of the central hall. It ideally matches a crimson velvet armchair created with ROOMS design. A comprehensive picture is created with a wooden table and carpet. A room for private guests is also interesting – cream velvet armchairs are placed on white carpet by leading abstract artist Eduardo Chillida in 1949, wallpaper with an erotic print by drawing of actress Louise Bourgoin is outstanding and everything ends with a chandelier in warm colours.

The most important features of the main hall are brass shelves with low marble pallets. Dark wood benches and mosaic flooring, along with other details create a feeling of luxury.

The clothes on black hangers seem as if they are inseparable part of the interior. Soft lighting falls on concrete columns and reflect the plants and golden shelves in various colors. The whole picture of the interior is loaded with lots of information, which is offered by diversity of texture and material in this environment.

Idaaf asked a few questions to the authors:


Did this interior have any particular inspiration?

Our main inspiration was simple and plain shapes, using geometrical installations made of different materials.. While working on this interior, we wanted to create something fascinating and odd, therefore we avoded the usual concept of shop window and using lots of plants and greenery, we established a distinctive clothing store window.

In this environment a wide variety of materials are being used and they change one another in practically every meter. What caused such a diversity?

As already mentioned, we wanted simple forms of geometry, we have chosen a variety of materials in order to submit these forms with more contrast. It should be noted that using curtains, wallpaper, chandeliers and other elements the space has become even more interesting.

What was the original intent of the design when you started work and did you get the same results?

It was a bit difficult to follow the initial ideas in Georgia, as production of many details is technically impossible. We tried as much as possible and got the desired result.

How would you describe a good interior?

The interior should leave the visitor with an emotion, in the same way as a good movie or a painting. Space should be memorable and carry a particular mood.





Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

Photo: Olga Kulaeva/ Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze





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