In Mediterranean coastal city of Calpe “red wall” has been “erected” since 1968. La Muralla Roja’s bright colors contrast with environment , or perfectly compliment it. In this apartment complex of Ricardo Bofill, influence of Arabic Mediterranean architecture can be felt.

Construction of La Muralla Roja was completed in 1973 and the design belongs to legendary Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill. The architect was born in 1939, in Barcelona, in the family of builders. He stood out since youth; the first building was designed in the age of 17 and since 23 he was a leading architect at el Taller. At the age of 76, Bofill still continues to astonish us and excite with new materials; it’s been almost half the century since he’s been the head of his architectural firm: Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura“, has completed about 1000 projects in world’s 50 countries and this process still continues.

Award winning architect has created many memorable projects (head office of Cartier in Paris; apartment tower in Savona Italy; Karlin Palace in Prague; hotel Shangrila in Beijing and so on); one of them is the La Muralla Roja in Spain, at the coast of Calpe, which will be presented in this article.

“Red Wall” is some sort of fortress and it seems like it’s a natural continuation of a rocky surface. It clearly separates outer spaces from the personal. Apartment complex is like a fortress, there are a lot of bridges, platforms and stairs, by means of which 50 apartments can be reached. This whole complex of bridges and stairs looks like a maze at a first sight, and in whole creates a cross like geometric structure. The façade of the building is colored in different shades of red, and the stairs and inner walls are painted in the shades of blue.

Residents can choose from three different types of apartment: Studio (60 sq.m.), two-bedroom (80 sq.m.) and three-bedroom (120 sq.m.). For maximum comfort, there are roof terraces, swimming pool, sauna and solarium. But it should be noted that only the residents can use them.

After all those years La Muralla Roja still continues to fascinate visitors, who after entering it are thrown in magical world of labyrinth. The complex is ideal for the rest and relaxation and with its red walls it’s like it protects us from outer world.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze


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