MM6 Maison Margiela – Margiela, this is the brand that has the most memorable place in the fashion industry, which was proved once more when we were introduced to their new collection from Resort 2016.

Mentioned one is completed with 23 looks, every one of them is different and outrageous in their own way. Asymmetric blouses combined with skirts, which by themselves perfectly suit pants with their orange and green details on them. Well, not a lot of talking is needed to describe it, everything was put together perfectly. I would say everyone who knows a bit of fashion, expected that this fashion house would perform their resort amazingly.



Nicolas Ghesquière Cruise show for Louis Vuitton is the definition of the word EXTRAORDINARY. Every single detail of it had an impact on me as a fashion lover, because every little seam of the clothing was harmonized with each other, starting form the space it took place ending with the music involved, not to mention the costumes itself.

The models looked so natural, as if no one did a pinch on their makeup. Those flare dresses which were actually dominant in the show had the glorious look on the runway. Marvelous color palette, leather covered clothing, metallic jackets, which looked like one of those spaceship uniforms, but at the same time so unique and feminine. This is what makes it so refining and characteristic.

Nicolas Ghesquière demonstrated to every fashion lover that Louis Vuitton is not only a sign of “LV” to the famous bags or belts, but something very fascinating.



It is impossible to pass this conversation without referring to one of my favorite brands, The Row. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s collections are among the list of shows whom I wait with the whole passion and you know what ? They always make it to the top of loved ones.

Every selection of clothing shown are so diligent and gloriously styled. In case of resort 2016 everything was there, where it was supposed to be. Silhouettes were of course flare, contours bent, as if they had the leisure attitude. I think that no one has the power to cover up the body of a woman in dilate piece of pattern and instantly make it look as sexy as hell. Rashly this collection would look faultless in my wardrobe.



This article can’t be finished without emphasizing J.W. Anderson’s cruise show. This brand goes to that favorite list of designers. This one is unlike from his previous ones, maybe it will be difficult to realize why a golden boot is looking balanced with parti-colored dress, but this is the secret that is kept behind this ostentatious creating. Being peerless doesn’t mean that ornaments should match flawlessly. Yes, I will be that someone who will say that this pullover which looks like it was knitted by your grandmother shamelessly goes to that khaki skirt. The rest of the collection had the impact of peplum outline throw in one with kaleidoscopic textile.



Maybe contrasted to my previous features this one is not about minimalistic garments, but it is unimaginable to pass by this alluring resorts exhibited from the world known fashion houses, to be frank fashion is something that destroys clichés.



Author: Anano Maisuradze





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