Project: Residential Villas

Architect: WUNDERWERK + David Giorgadze

Total Area: 500 Ha

Location: Teleti, Georgia

Client: Primera Golf and Residence

Design Team: Gigi Shukakidze, David Giorgadze, Nikoloz Lomidze, Sandro Gharibashvili

Competition: Winner

Year: 2016


‘Primera Residence Development and Construction LLC’  are planning to build golf complex on the Teleti hill. The project includes constructions of the residential villas too. Georgian and foreign architectural companies were participating in the closed competition. WUNDERWERK + David Giorgadze design named as the winner.

Proposed low-rise development for private villas is situated in 18 km from Tbilisi, Georgia.

The landscape of the territory represents approximately 10% slope to north-east direction. Dominant wind direction is from the north-west side, protected by the existing trees, which are foreseen during planning and the volumes are used as a shield.

Energy-efficiency and insulation is achieved according to orientation of the sun. The basic idea of the concept is based on segmenting of 50x50m GPS grid, with 1/8 of 50x50m grid we get 6,25 x 6,25 m module, which is the most cost effective constructive span module for local seismic conditions.

6,25 x 6,25 m box which is 39 m2 is rotated with 45 degrees and we get 78 m2which is almost two times more. The volume gets 8 orientations instead of 4 and it gains more solar power and makes the building more energy efficient. This method also places the geometry much easier on the relief without cutting much soil.

After placing the universal (6,25×6,25m) squares on the whole territory we got a matrix which gives very flexible framework for planning the entire neighborhood and gives infinite amount of house types.

More about WUNDERWERK here.


Text: Nanuka Zaalishvili, WUNDERWERK



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