This attractive project will be created  as a part of the International Garden Festival in at Les Jardins de Métis in Quebec this summer. Festival will be held from June 28 till September 28. The name of the project is “Reflective Dish” and the idea belongs to the Spanish architecture group Citylaboratory.

“Reflective Dish” is a shallow pool of water, with a dip in the center. It will be filled with water, which will reflect surrounding trees and sky. As Authors mentioned, the idea of this project is to capture beauty of nature, the  intention is to transform the surrounding landscape into the garden itself.

Water will be used as a  material to create a reflecting surface, this black  shallow pool  is simply a frame that suspends water and is connected to the ground with Supporting Point

Dish will be always filled with water, which will help birds and forest animals to fulfill their thirst

This is the most human thing ever from the authors. It is shown in this tiny project that they care about animals. Imagine a hot summer day and how many of them will be cooled down over here.

This black pool will become a part of the area. It will have the same temperature as the weather, leaves will float during the fall time and snow will cover in the winter.

The project is one of six winners in a competition to design an installation for the International Garden Festival in Quebec. It was chosen from 300 proposals by over 700 architects, landscape architects, designers and artists.

After seeing this amazing “Reflective Dish”, I thought how good it could be to create more things like this in our beautiful forests too. Water has unique feature to make nature more harmonic and peaceful. So why not use this? Let’s make more beautiful squares and parks with more trees, flowers and reflective dishes, where birds can have fun and in the hot summer weather I don’t refuse to jump in.



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze




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