Architects are good in everything!

Nino’s hands could not find a rest since the very childhood. She permanently used to create something with different types of material, technics and theme: small souvenirs, accessories for interior, lamps. It becomes more and more difficult to find a thing that’s handmade in our technologically rich world. Many branches of art are integrated with latest technologies so tight that it is almost impossible even to imagine their separation.

Qabzo’s works are as joyful and positive as she is herself. The ones that are not rich with color have a magnificent shine. Accessory is a detail itself, that’s why it’s pretty hard to design it correctly. The sense of moderation is the most important thing in this case, because the accessory has to be an interesting individual item itself and at the same time does not have to be too aggressive to the appearance of the owner.

Nino never makes sketches. She begins to implement the idea directly, as the mood is the leading factor for her. Materials are defined according to the context.

She’s often asked, whether it’s hard to sell her works for her or not. First sample of line is never defined for a particular person, but anyway the answer is “No”. It’s a big pleasure for Qabzo when people wear her accessories and make their appearance and mood better. Accessory finds the owner and owner finds the accessory itself. This is a usual type of first try. She never makes the exact copies of her works, always changes some big or small details. At the end the client is satisfied and happy with this also.

Qabzo always tries not to use the semi-manufactured details. For example each piece of “Peppers” is sculpted from polymeric clay. She also tries to use different types of unimaginable materials, like rope for mountain climbers, water hose and braided yarn for knitting.

She looks with a piece of skepticism at the shops and companies that work in this segment of local market. Nino prefers to keep the magic process, from idea to the packing and finally handing to the owner, more familiar. It’s a big pleasure for her to pass the product of her imagination from hand to hand.

Her future plan is to make her business scale bigger and form “Qabzo” as a brand. She’s planning to have a trip to China at the end of summer for new cultural and professional experience. Lots of plans have to be realized and she’s going to work hard for it.

Qabzo never had a wish to organize an exhibition, but she really loves when her lovely customers take the photos beautified with Nino’s accessories and send them to her.

You can see more of Qabzo’s works here:




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze




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