The Punkt chair created by Ia Kutateldze is a result of the workshop by Finnish designers – Rudi Merz and Peter Schmid, which took place in two stages. When the Finish designers arrived to Georgia for the first time, the workshop concept was defined and the wooden material prepared. Each participant developed the design idea of the chair before their second visit, which was discussed and processed with the tutors themselves.

The working process was rather different for Ia this time, there was an exact wood and she had several options in her mind. So, idaaf has asked Ia several questions about the project.

 – What is the specific material used and was the chair crafts made?

– Since the workshop itself meant the work with wooden material, my chair has been made from the solid wood. Rudi Merz has worked on it after lots of analysis and thinking, so it is entirely made by hand in the work shop, which was arranged in Nectar gallery in quite a short time. This is why, this prototype is especially valuable for me.

 – What is the type of space that Punkt chair can exist in?

–  Think, the chair is very functional and comfortable as well. It’s simple, but has a distinct character, that’s why it can fit various types of spaces. By multiplying of it we can achieve interesting visual effects, as its shapes are quite contracting. Also, I think it will be interesting to manufacture it in several options with different colors and textures.

 –  How do your future plans look like and what are your ongoing projects?

–  Now I have a particularly transit period, because I plan to continue my work in Germany and to some extent I’ll have to start everything over, the things I have already accepted and achieved in Georgia. I have a very interesting and eventful period now, I am working on several projects currently. I’m going to finish my new collection soon, which is very important for me. Hope, everything goes the way I imagine it.

You can find more works by Ia Kutateladze here – IAAI




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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