Creative Team: Merab Gugunashvili, Nana Uertashvili, Nana Mangoshvili, Robert Tighinashvili, Nukri Gladky, Nato Qoiava

Heads of Creative Team: Nato Eristavi, Nino Kambarashvili


White Studio has created a very interesting Pop-art style sink series for Birdy Pub. IDAAF has asked several question to Nato Eristavi regarding it:


Were these sinks created for the particular place or did you have the sketches and the manufacturing has been intended anyway?

– We often create the items, which correspond our taste and interest. Think, this strengthens the trust of the society coming to our gallery in the taste, quality and abilities of White Studio. Though, nowadays it is hard to present the artistic works as often as we’d like to. This is why we always try to offer the client the performance of such artwork, which would give us the pleasure of enjoyment the working process and suits the exact space, would it be exterior or interior.

– How were the colors for each piece chosen and did you have in mind the different design for boys and girls?

– This sinks are created with the inspiration received from Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop-art paintings from 60s, as from the beginning the design of the Birdy Pub was decided to be done in this style. That’s why we offered the client our option of showing the mentioned paintings on the sinks. Of course the humour was the part of this design from the beginning. Therefore, we tried to consider the character and interest of men and women.

– Do you plan the extension of this seris?

Since the series was ordered by Birdy Pub and created for them, so they have the exclusive right for them and their design. It’s a rare occasion, when the client offers you an interesting theme and gives you the freedom to expand this theme following your taste and transform it into the artworks.

The Georgian society still does not fully understand the abilities and the scale of material design opportunities characteristic for the modern ceramics.





Author: Tamar Alkhazashvili



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