Louisa Chalatashvili is a self-taught photographer, who’s known among Georgian viewers from “Kolga” Photo Contest. Loves shooting colors and textures, favorite object is a chair, because most often takes pictures of it; as it turns out, her special preferences from Georgian photographers deserve Levan Kakabadze and Nata Sopromadze. While speaking with IDAAF, Louisa said that “Photo should stir some emotions within the viewer or be pleasant to the eyes”.

In May Louisa traveled to the island of Crete and ended up in a totally different and colorful world, where the sea is exceptionally blue and you can easily feel the infinite space, which brings sense of calm over you. In the streets you’re met mostly with low houses, townsmen look after them thoroughly and as a result each of them has its greenery. From the photos one can easily understand that Louisa interacted with environment more than with people; as the photographer stated while talking with IDAAF, Crete, for her, is associated with blue and yellowish beige color.

In the photos fusion of warm and cold colors, combination of forms, nature and artificial environment change each other in sequence. All photos are dynamic in their own way and the color scheme – peaceful. After seeing the photos, you get a feeling that the photographer conveys calmness in all these by combining together a lot of different emotions.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze




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