2017 was 110th anniversary of Petre Otskheli, the founder of Georgian modernism and scenography. Various events were organized with TBC Bank’s support to celebrate this date, among which the most distinguished feature was “Project 12“, where 12 invited artists rediscovered and expressed Petre Otskheli in their artworks.

The artists presented their alternative view of Petre Otskheli works in various techniques: digital art, neon lighting, video art, animation, 3D art and sculptural installation.

One of the most Interesting works is the Petre Otskheli Tribute Pavilion by the architect Gigi Shukakidze (WUNDERWERK). The installation is architecturally reminiscent of Otskheli’s forms. The design is a three-circular string connected with stairs to each other, ready to be used in various functions, such as a relaxing area, open air cinema, theater, belvedere, celebration or performance space.


From the author:

 “Understanding the phenomenon of Petre Otskheli is always important. Its nature goes inside of the decoration, where the feeling of monumental is revealed by the forms. It makes the human body possible, along with the main layers (dress, building, city…) to create a new synthesis form that gives it an independent dynamic.

The main idea of this pavilion is that it continues functioning and is constant dedication to Peter Otskheli’s name. The idea of the work is to create a new interactive, functional object with the inspiration of the Otskheli sketch.

Otskheli’s works are distinguished by primitive, initial archetypal forms that have many uses and re-ability in contemporary environments. After research, I chose a play: “Deafs Began Talking” (1932) and its decorations to create my pavilion.

In this play different dimensions and actions are presented in one form and I used same abstract discs to contribute the new content of the city environment.

Lisi Lake was selected for the pavilion location. The uninhabited environment here fills the feeling of orientation and the pavilion silhouette is accidental and variable. Pavilion does not have the “internal / external” phenomenon and only the circular contour contradicts act on it. The object texture is concrete, which I think it gives a monumental and dramatic look.

Project Curators: Nina Akhvlediani, Nina Pataridze

Text: Nanuka Zaalishvili



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