Paris has approved its first tower in over 40 years. The Triangle Tower belongs to Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. The city council has finally agreed to construct a 180-meters-high 42-story building in Paris.

In 2010 the height limitations were removed in Paris, which prohibited the construction of buildings over 36 meters. After removing the limitations the Triangle Tower will be the first tower constructed in the capital city. The change in regulations can be considered as a historic moment, as Paris will cautiously become adaptive to tall buildings.

The building will become one of the highest buildings in Paris following the 324-metre Eifel Tower and the 209-metre Montparnasse Tower. The Triangle Tower will be the last over 100 meters to be built in the city.

Herzog & de Meuron – the Swiss firm is famous for projects including the Beijing Olympic stadium (also known as “Bird’s Nest”) and New York’s Parrish Art Museum – says that the building will restore the historical axis formed by the Rue de Vaugirard and Avenue Ernest Renan. The skyscraper will contain 120-room hotel, office spaces and cultural facilities as well.

Local residents seem to condemn the planning permission for the Triangle Tower, saying that it will overshadow their residential space. Some of the politicians have alleged that the tower design is unsustainable. But as Swiss architects claim, the tower with its glass facade will disappear into the skyline of the city.

It must be noted that in November of 2014 the Triangle Tower caused some intense debates and failed to succeed during the voting. The project was reviewed again in 2015 summer by the same committee and was granted planning permission with a narrow majority of 87 votes in favour and 74 against. The second voting was held after the previous one was declared as invalid by Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. She is considered as one of the project’s biggest supporters. As she claims the project will create up to 5000 jobs during its construction.

The construction is planned to finish for 2020. The Triangle already has an official website, where you can have a look on ongoing processes of the project. Also you can see official video of the project here:



Author: Tamta Jugashvili





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