While designers are in the rush to show us new creations for Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear no time is wasted on the other side of the street. Most stylish fashionistas pose for the best street style photographers.

I would say that street style has high priorities in the world of fashion. A lot depends on what the famous bloggers will wear and how many of them will be listed as unique styled. The cult of it is way more important than one can imagine.

Frankly speaking most of them look way to extraordinary for my eyes. Being too different doesn’t make you a stylish person, but for sake of fame people are ready to discover new possible outfits. In this case NY Fashion Week is no difference.

Out of many photos I tried to find the ones that are truly remarkable and visually pleasurable.



Author: Anano Maisuradze

Photo Credit: Dan Roberts, Diego Zuko, Phil Oh, Tommy Ton.





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