New York Fashion Week has ended. Famous designers introduced us to the new trends of Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collections. Out of bunch of runways there are few I could list that are close to my imagination of esthetics and beauty. Hopefully while scrolling down the “chosen” ones you will feel the urge of owning them or just being satisfied of how good they are.


The Row

I want to start my article with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s brand called The Row. As far as I remember they have never disappointed us throughout the years of being in this business.

No words can describe how striking were the silhouettes, linings, fabric, the way it crisscrossed the torso. The place itself was magnificent. Sun-rays falling down on textiles made it even more outstanding for the critics or fashion bloggers. Speaking from my perspective all I can be now is T H A N K F U L.




Duckie Brown

This brand is more known for their menswear collections. In February Daniel Silver and Steven Cox put women’s clothes on the runway for the very first time. They were not pleased in what they’ve created, because as Silver said: “We tried to change it too much, it was too womens-y”.

As for the Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear it’s more unisex but still so mesmerizing. Fabrics are thin organza with touch of silk. Minimalistic silhouettes and flared casual dresses will make you feel more menish but still exclusive. Only 15 looks were introduced to us on this season, but the feeling of first love will not leave your heart or mind. Hopes up folks we still have to wait for their next collection.




MM6 Maison Martin Margiela

Margiela itself speaks for its own name. As it is know this brand is always innovative and trendy at the same time. Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection was also mind-blowing.

Different fabrics were used to create this piece of art, most of them were silk and denim and probably, because of that it looked so eye fascinating. The Japanese style combined with cowboy jeans or leather fabrics, platforms tied in ribbons, but still unique and still Margiela.

From my point of view it is very difficult to not love the way this fashion house introduces itself over the years. The runway was made out of 31 looks and all of them left the feeling of perfection. Out of everything, bandana details were so eye catching which looked perfectly good on flared jeans. This combination would remind you of 90’s hip-hop girls. Every detail and every bit of this clothing was able to take you traveling the designers’ mind, just to discover what the history is behind making this apparel.




Victoria Beckham

Remember how back in teenage we use to love this posh-spice girl and we tried to look like her? Well this is her collection which is less experimental but still different in her own way. I would list Victoria Beckham as one of my favorite designers.

This year she introduced us less pretentious calm clothing. The colors were simple with details of yellow and red. In case you did not notice it was very memorable and glamorous at the same time. I can’t resist myself from mentioning how terrifically beautiful was shoes presented. Lightly rigorous, but yet so scrupulous. Overall she did her job on A+. We love you Vicky.




Author: Anano Maisuradze






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