Oliver Wainwrightis an architect-critic, who, while travelling in North Korea, discovered such interior designs, which are very similar to Wes Anderson’s movie acoustics. Sometimes it seems as if the director has taken and used the ideas straight from this interior: green, apple-like classrooms, pink theatre halls,meadow-green changing rooms and conference rooms. Wainwrightplaced those photos taken in North Korea on his tumblr blog.

While speaking to those people who establish this style in Korean everyday life – expressed infantility, light, funny, puppet-like, he quoted: “This is a blend of pre-school colors and styles … it is a symphony of pastel-coloured sweets and shapes… This is a kitsch in a kindergarten-style, which serves to create an icon, to flourish prosperity. Architecture is also a kind of anesthetic, a powerful weapon in the hands of the state, which can contribute to the total infantilization”.

In any case, the Korean architects and designers follow this line of reasoning themselves. Wainwright says that “The spaces represented in North Korea are too theatrical and are aimed at the emotional side of those visitors and people in this space who are doing other activities. This type pf work highlights the monumental power of leader and diminishes the importance of the masses. “ He adds that soon enough this theatrical style will disappear, because the government wants to present itself as a part of the modern world.


Author: Dodochi Gogia

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze





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