IDAAF represents a non-productive (non-commercial) legal entity based on Georgian Civil Code Legal form – Non-Governmental Organization Objectives of the organization:


  • Popularization of IDAAF online magazine orientated towards architecture, art, design and producing its printed edition; Introducing news articles, offering solutions and ways to deal with different social problems; writing and distributing essays, critical letter both on the internet and printed media.
  • Increasing public awareness about architecture, design, fashion and art and other directions;
  • Architectural and design competitions, encouraging students to participate;
  • Organizing lecture courses, processing materials about specific problems, and their public hearing. Also, inviting competent people to share their experiences.
  • Public hearing of IDAAF’s group projects, offering them to potential sponsors in order to improve the general condition in the above-mentioned fields (E.g.: restoration of damaged squares; restoration of distorted or non-existent bus stops, design and installing of new chairs in squares etc.)
  • Regional work: visiting different cities, studying local architecture and design features, providing this information to the public. Also, introducing the readers to other interesting and challenging materials.
  • Discovering new faces in the field of art and architecture and their popularization.
  • Highlighting the existing problems in the field of architecture and design, their criticism and analysis.
  • Translation and publishing of English art books.
  • Caring about ecology, both with specific practical actions (cleaning dirty environment) as well as raising awareness in school by organizing different lecture courses on various topics.
  • Conducting workshops: For example, reconstruction of a dilapidated bus stop or replacement witha new design, then organizing the implementation.




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