Designer Anuka Tavartqiladze offers us another new product. This time we’ll introduce her cupboard. White bulk in round forms stands on wooden legs, it’s very comfortable and crimson inside. We need to point out black buckles which normally are used for clothes, but designer adjusted it to furniture and this way made it more delicate and interesting.

Anuka is one of the Georgian designers who try to compete with foreign furniture and to enrich local market with Georgian products. She’s always got orders for making new items, but it’s not enough for monopolizing Georgian market; designer thinks that buyer herself/himself must realize that Georgian product itself can be qualitative and original and you don’t have to buy foreign ones.

Along with participating in exhibitions, designer is engaged in charity too. She’s one of the authors of the project “Cupboard of academy – give and take”, she’s the designer. She leaves things along with others and is very glad when finds them taken.

Anuka wants to make her products irreplaceable items in everyday life, to make world perception easier with them and her plan works out perfectly.

IDAAF asked Anuka a few questions about new product:


What is the main idea of this product?

All my works are some kind of combination of objects and forms which don’t relate by meaning. Often Items themselves dictate how to use them differently. That’s the case this time too.

Buckle that I used normally is used for clothes, bags and other types of accessories. Despite this there is no law which will limit using it on specific things. I think the cupboard which I made is perfect example for this. Buckle not only fits wooden material, but also rises somewhat strange feeling, which, I think, makes it more special and attractive.

Also it so happened that the customer, for whom this product was intended, asked me to make it hard to open for a child. I think, this request was successfully executed.

What do you think, what determines the success of the product?

The product functionally is very handy with big capacity. This is not product with different purpose, but the modification of something already existing in high demands in the industry. The difference is in design and I think it’ll determine its success.

How long did it take to work on it?

It took 3 month from having just an idea till carrying it out.

Are you going for mass production?

Normally I work on private orders and don’t have appropriate resources for mass production. If some furniture producing company will be interested in this, I’ll be more than glad to collaborate.



Author: Meri Khamkhadze



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