In this article we present  Tezi Gabunia’s new  series:  “New galleries”. Art lovers have been well-acquainted with this artist, who now presents his works in a space where their existence, at first glance, is absurd, but this is exactly his aim – to delete the margin separating artworks and galleries and allow visitors to see them in their everyday life, without going to the aforementioned. In seems that Tezi found new places for locating his works from this series.


„New Galleries is my next series, which talks about whole new meanings and values of galleries and artwork. In this case, the painting (artwork) is exhibited in a place, where it would never appear with this way of presenting. For example,Gallery is a space, where an artwork becomes eligible to exist in the context of art. Gallery is a context itself. The concept vanishes the distance between a viewer and art.  Insertion of artwork in a casual space abolishesits primary meaning, but not only an artwork, a gallery also loses the meaning. An artwork, as an original phenomenon without context, creates exhibition spaces. It becomes a context itself “-Tezi Gabunia.


What role does an artist play in/for the community?

An artist always had and maybe will always have a certain role, because he/she permanently reflects not only on local space, but on the global phenomenon. That’s why he/she supports integration of certain community into the wider space. In addition, nowadays, attitudes towards artistsare different from previous centuries. It used to required time to recognize cultural and material value of an artwork, whereas today, as we live in an informational époque, this process needs less time so spreading, perception, recognition, insertion of artwork in certain cultural niche happens faster. Accordingly, an artist has tête-à-tête dialogue with the community.

What topics interest you? Does the environment where you live in satisfy your requirements? Does it suggest interesting details (for example, casual lifestyle, eclectic architecture, contemporary political process?)

It depends how we consider the environment. On one hand, cultural space is interesting for observation, but as I mentioned above, an artist doesn’t reflect only on the local area. Accordingly, I can’t say, that this space offers interesting details for production of artworks. On the other hand, in my opinion, Georgian market is not developed enough to support proper art industry. Besides, first of all, I focus on Georgian market, since in my point of view, any artist enters the global market from the local space.




How has your art’s direction changed during last years?

I started producing artwork from 2011. My attitudes have been permanently changing. Afterwards, TeziGabunia enlarged and nowadays the team consists of nine members. It can be said, that TeziGabunia is a company, not an artist. Such phenomenon totally changes an attitude towards creation, the mechanism, obviously, it has an influence on artwork. The team permanently carries out experiments, tests the concepts, there are mechanized and conceptual tools of production, which creates the artwork. In fact, this is not creation, but production.

Who is a good artist?

I can’t say who should be a“good” artist, maybe there is a definition, but in my point of view, this profession can be described in such terms, that could be valid to any other activity. Art is a medium, it is a certain prism for an artist, with which he/she perceives the world. Working out, attitudes and approaches, changing them, studying cultural niches, translating them into objective world – this is a permanent process for an artist. In the process of creation not an artist, but the medium is important. Artist as a person, ego standing in the center of a creation, should be ignored. But with no doubt, this is just another version of a “good” artist.

Tezi Gabunia – already influential artist in Georgia art space, what are you plans for future? Do you have any global plans?

I don’t know what to say about influence, but of course I do have plans for future and not one. And as for the global market, of course I am going to, I permanently participate in different contests, I am also a member of  CopyPaste team, which is an international platform of young artists exploring art, architecture and other cultural occurrences, practice mainly focuses on painting, media, music, design, technology and other interdisciplinary impacts. Despite of that, at this stage, priority is Georgian market. In my point of view, an artist should use local space as a work place, should create, fix and spread artworks everywhere he/she can. Previously, when information was inaccessible, it was difficult to exchange culture, everything was different. Nowadays, we are all on Google’s shelf. We can travel to any gallery. Information is great and you can find everything, which automatically changes situation and accordingly, integration is easier.


Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Mariam Nadareishvili/Nutsa Namoradze






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