Location: Tbilisi Sea, Tbilisi, Georgia

Area: 25 m2

Year: 2021

Status: Completed

Photo: Nakanimamasakhlisi Photo Lab

Team: Devi Kituashvili, Gogiko Sakvarelidze, Natalia Nebieridze, Elene  Edisherashvili


From the Architects:

“The project represents MUA getaway place on the Tbilisi Sea. Located only 20 minutes away from the city center, it serves as the place for recharging and retreat for our team. The project area sits next to the Sailing Club (another MUA project) in the Tbilisi Sea area. Tbilisi Reservoir, now referred to as the Tbilisi Sea, has appeared on the map since 1953. During the summertime, Tbilisi Sea is frequently visited by the locals and becomes a hub for fishing and water sports activities. An impressive monument of Zurab Tsereteli graces the area to the north.

The shipping container architecture is a significant part of MUA’s research into modern architecture. Replacement of traditional building materials with second-hand, compact pre-fabricated steel boxes and creating various functional spaces requires intensive research and experimentation. Material observation, their potential [re]use, and daring experiments – are the processes that characterize the shipping container architecture. These practices yield truly interesting results. Office Container’ is 40 feet (12 meters) in length. This form of architecture has many positive aspects – it is ecologically sustainable, suitable for reuse, cost-effective and since it is “pre-fabricated,” requires minimal construction time.

The linear layout of the container in the interior is maintained. Far edges of the container are transformed into rest areas and their ancillary functions (bathroom and storage spaces). The middle part of the container, the shared space, comprises a small kitchen, a working desk, and a living room. The indoors meets the outdoors during the summertime, creating an open, accessible platform with a sea view.”




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