Architect: George Mosulishvili

Total Area: 153.3m2

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Year: 2015

Construction: Mosulishvili & Partners

There are lots of discussions about old part of the city and architecture which should be made or does not have any right to exist in this environment. My article is about a positive part of “activity” in our reality. Luckily, a small piece of old part of Tbilisi – about 55 square meters of triangle shaped plot on the cross of Chonkadze and Gergeti streets, appeared in the right hands. The building perfectly suits the place, though it is completely contemporary in the surrounding of architecture, which has mostly been formed in the end of XIX century. Several of the main advantages are the moderate height of the building – maximal altitude 9.70m, and the volume structure, which makes the shape visually less massive. When looking to main façade the highest point appears at the back side and perspective does its work in its usual and magic way.

The materials are pure concrete, larch and glass. The usage of them meets the main concept, this is how George Mosulishvili describes it for idaaf: “Ground floor – open for everyone, second floor semi closed working space and the upper volume private solid area with a panoramic terrace in front.”

Vertical larch grills give an opportunity to reach light and shade balance in the interior. Function of the construction needs this balance for sure. It has to receive enough sunshine and at the same time be comfortable for people inside.

Though the height of the building is not huge, I can easily say it’s vertically well developed and organized. There are 4 levels in total: basement, ground level, first and second (mezzanine) levels. All levels are connected with each other by a concrete stair.

There is one more tricky detail in this office. This is a skylight in the ceiling of basement floor, which comes out to the street surface under the entrance to the main hall. It provides light into the underground premise, so the workshop receives enough sun for being a comfortable and inspirational space.

“From the first sight I thought, the triangle shape of construction site made the borders for my imagination, however it made me work more carefully with details for creating an attractive volume out of an ordinary shape.” says George Mosulishvili.

The old trees around the office hug the building with their branches and leaves. Also, there is planted new greenery along the glass wall on the both street sides.

This piece of architecture is a unity of the sufficiency sense and the passion to details, which is quite a rare combination and sample of good architectural taste.


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Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

Photo: Salome Barbakadze


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