Bridge is an artificial construction, which overlays rivers, gorges, lakes or other physical obstacles. The bridge which overlays the road is called Road Guide and the one that overlays ravine is called Viaduct. This ancient invention of humanity has progressed greatly throughout centuries. 2015 was truly significant year with perfectly designed bridges. Famous and beginner architects have competed with each other, trying to create interesting compositions. We’ve collected the most beautiful bridges of this year. Some of them are already part of the landscape, while others still continue existence in 3D projects.


1. Cirkelbroen Bridge (The Circle Bridge) – Copenhagen, Denmark

Author: Studio Olafur Eliasson

Photo Credit: Studio Olafur Eliasson

2. The Infinite Bridge – Aarhus, Denmark

Author: Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter

Photo Credit: Aarhus I Billeder


3. Haghani Pedestrian Bridge – Tehran, Iran

Author: 3rd Skin Architects

Photo Credit: 3rd Skin Architects

4. 3D Printed Steel Bridge – Ametsrdam, The Netherlands

Author: MX3D + Joris Laarman Lab

3D render: Adriaan de Groot

5. Pedestrian Bridge in Aranzadi Park – Pamplona, Spain

Authors: Peralta AyesaA rquitectos, Opera Ingeniería
Photo Credit: Pedro Pegenaute

6. Danjiang Bridge – Tamsui river, Taiwan

Author: Zaha Hadid Architects
3D Render: MIR

7. Nine Elms Bridge – London, UK

Author: Bystrup Architecture

3D Render: Bystrup Architecture

8. Pedestrian Bridge – Lisbon, Portugal

Authors: Maximina Almeida + Telmo Cruz (MXT Studio)

Photo Credit: João Morgardo

9. Sarajevo Bridge (Pollution-Eating Bridge) – Barcelona, Spain

Authors: BCQ Architects

3D Render: : BCQ Architects

10. Glass Bridge – Zhangjiajie National Park,

Author: Haim Dotan

3D Render: : Haim Dotan Ltd.



Author: Tamta Jugashvili/ Nanuka Zaalishvili






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