Around the world production of cars is wide-scaled. Companies compete with each other in creating  more comfortable, attractive and Eco vehicles and this has even formed into a separate field.

A car is a favorite item for me, if it can be called so. It is something in which I feel comfortable and it assists me to transport from one point to another in order to arrive at a planned time. However, this approach is very selfish, which is a characteristic of almost the entire population of the world, because we all at least on a primitive level know how harmful vehicles’ emissions are to human health and how they damage the environment.

Unfortunately, cars have won over people in Tbilisi, but “the fight goes on.” Their abundance is evident everywhere and it is often irritating as they occupy more and more sidewalks, intrude in pedestrians’ comfort zone and significantly violate their rights. I mentioned this in the previous article and I also outlined that one of the reasons for this is that we don’t only have modern parking lots, even more, we do not have them at all.There are no buildings that are right for them, where placing vehicles will be possible. Cars on sidewalks or other non-motor vehicle areas becomes more and more acute problem in Tbilisi and Georgia in general. It is a sensitive issue especially if we consider world’s developed cities where there are built better, modernized and attractive parking buildings. This process involves a lot of well-known architects and they offer wonderful results with their design and functional diversity.

In this article, we present the designs of the world’s 11 most beautiful parking lots from various cities hoping that thegoverning body of Tbilisi and not only, once and for all will become concerned with this problem, and begin processes to solve it, because the problems related to cars are multiplied in the vehicles and not vice versa.


Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze



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