In this article I want to introduce Mercedes Benz Fashion Days, which took part in Georgia as well. The event was quite interesting. Within the fashion days we were introduced to diverse quantities of collections and after parties, which I would say brings a lot of joy to the people interested in this sphere.

Runways was stuffed with Georgian designers with their new collections of Fall-Winter 15/16. Out of every one of them my love goes to Gvantsa Janashia, who was introduce to our readers in previous articles and I think it can be easily admitted how elegant and different it was. Tamuna Ingorokva and Gola Damian did a marvelous collaboration, Tamuna also introduced her sole collection out of her Atelier.

Its completely necessary to talk about Alexander Arutynovs’ Fall-Winter collection, who actually works in Russia but we had luck to see how he transformed paintings of Niko Pirosmani into wearable items. Out of all of them I was stunned with vintage kind of luggage bags which had famous prints of Niko Pirosmani works. The colors of it were red and yellow, which made it look even more distinguishable.

Datuna Sulikashvili did a great job on his runway, proving once more how his clothing is glorious and feminine. Most of them were decided in black, red and white color palette.



As I said when talking about Tbilisi Fashion Week, street style was something very important and in case of Mercedes Benz Fashion Days it was no exception. The city was once more stuffed with bunch of fashion lovers who tried to got in the best shots of popular street style photographers with their extraordinary looks.

Now I want to make a perfect route of fashion days with Miss Louisa Chalatashvili by showing her photographs of street style. It can be mentioned hundreds of times that her works have different emotions, which brings street style to a whole another level.



Author: Anano Maisuradze

Photo: Louisa Chalatashvili




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