Project Idea: Elene Koridze; Tamta Chelidze

Pavilion Design: Tezi Gabunia

Video: Nikoloz Kapanadze

Graphic Design: Gvanca Gabunia

Architect: Levan Mirianashvili

Engineer: Kaxaber Mekoshkishvili

Text: Keti Kereselidze, Eka Dvalishvili, Nino Imerlishvili

On October 10th, World’s Mental Health Day, the organisation MHMA presented their first project – MENTAL HEALTH MOBILE PAVILION – which took place in Fabrika. Project is supported by EU and fund “Global Initiative on Psychiatry – Tbilisi”.

Project’s main goal is to raise awareness related to common mental disorders and within this project they built mobile pavilion. There is exhibited different kind of visual materials, which gives to the audience evidence based information in an interesting manner. It is a free space, platform, where everyone can talk openly about mental health related topics. Pavilion does not have a door. Visitors can go inside only after they will find a way or alternative how to enter.

Project focuses on three common mental disorders, like: depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Target group is young people: school, university students. According to evidence, the adolescence is the period when 75% of disorders begin to form. Having information how to identify the condition, what are the self help strategies or which professional service can we use, play preventive role and decrease the risk of profounding the condition.

“Mobile Pavilion” will change its location once a month and will be placed in the areas where young people are gathering together. In each location public discussions on mental health related topics will be planned.

Mental Health Masters Association (MHMA) is Non-Governmental Organisation, which was founded in 2019 by Elene Koridze, Tamta Chelidze and Eka Dvalishvili. They are students of Mental Health Master’s Program at Ilia State University. Organisation’s initiative is to tackle stigma, to raise awareness and sensitivity in the society related to mental health problems.



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